Tv on the Radio
Uma banda formada em 2001 no Brooklyn, Nova Iorque. Eles sempre experimentam coisas novas nas músicas, provavelmente por terem muitas influências, como o rock alternativo, electro, jazz e soul. A melhor música deles chama-se Wolf Like Me, mas escolhi uma outra para colocar no blog. Trata-se da Lover’s Day, a última música do álbum mais recente e mais acessível deles, o Dear Silence de 2008.

A música é bacana e animada, mas o grande destaque é a letra. Reparem. Acredito que é a música mais sexy de todos os tempos.

Oh but the longing is terrible,
A wanton heart under attack.
I wanna love you,
All the way off,
I wanna break your back.

Colour of all that’s hysterical,
Travels along your bones.
Just to be near you sucking your skin,
Not gonna leave you alone.

Yes here of course there are miracles,
A lover that loves that’s one.

Groomed with the laughter,
Ecstatic disaster,
Come let’s arouse the fun!

We could build and engine,
Out of all your rising stars.

Tear apart the apart,
We seem to think we are.

Call of work let’s lay!
Call it lovers Day!
Call it lovers Day!!

Give me the keys to your hiding place,
Im not gonna tear it apart.
I’m gonna keep you week in the knees,
Try to unlock your heart.

You’re gonna turn me animal,
You’re gonna turn me dumb.
Your kiss in the night,
Bringing the light,
You’re like the rising sun.
I hunger for you like a cannibal,
Not gonna let you run.
I’m gonna take you,
I’m gonna shake you,
I’m gonna make you cum.

Swear to god it will get so hot,
It’ll melt our faces off.
Then we can see,
The you the me,
Beyond mirrors outside clock.
Held naked in the light,
Held gently,
Held tight,
So soft!
Get off!
Get off!
Ball so hard,
We’ll smash the walls,
Break the bed,
And crash the floors, don’t!
Stop! Laugh and scream!
And have the neighbors call the cops!
‘till all the eyes that they’ve seen our fire play!!

Mark it down,
Call it lovers Day!!
Yes here of course there are miracles.
Under your sighs and moans.
I’m gonna take you,
I’m gonna take you home.